Sheri Graves

Writer, Editor,
Memoir Writing Instructor,
Deep Doo-Doo
Debut novel by author Sheri Graves
is the winner of the 
2015 National Indie Excellence Award
for Crime Fiction.
Deep Doo-Doo

The life of a general assignment reporter isn’t always exciting, so when Carrie McClelland is given temporary responsibility for the crime beat, she jumps at the opportunity. Carrie doesn’t realize she’s about to embark on a dangerous adventure that will involve attempted murder, kidnapping, vicious pit bulls and … geese.

Carrie tackles them all. She investigates an apparent child murder and has close brushes with mob-affiliated thugs. She’s threatened by her nasty neighbor over his ferocious dogs getting into her yard and harassed by a burglar over the story she wrote about his crime.

To add to the circus of chaos that has become her life, a local animal rights group she’s been reporting on unwittingly unleashes  a flock of geese on the town of Santa Rosa, California.

It’s just her first week on the crime beat, but Carrie has to keep her wits about her, or it’ll be her goose that’s cooked.
Deep Doo-Doo

Available in paperback and Kindle format from; may be purchased at Copperfield's Books in Montgomery Village, Santa Rosa, CA; and may be ordered from any book store.
“23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.”

Judge’s Commentary:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It reminds me of a story by Carl Hiassen, which is a good thing. The characters, the events, and the setting (Santa Rosa) are all working in this book, tumbling together to a hilarious climax. You are a skilled writer with talent for keeping a good mix of action and dialogue. The pace of the book makes it easy to read, and the story you weave draws the reader in.

Carrie is an excellent narrator. I could tell you have experience as a reporter, and the little details you add of a reporter's life (the deadline, talks with the editor, and the struggle to keep a byline) give the book an authenticity. She is very earnest, and her push to get the story always keeps the plot moving.

I also enjoyed learning about her father. That simple story did much to reveal Carrie.

Niall is also a great character. He has an edge to him, and a personality, that makes him a sympathetic foil for Carrie. I'm glad you didn't marry them off, however.

I would also add the production value on the book was excellent - from the cover design, to the typography, to the book itself. Great work.

Overall, an excellent book. I look forward to seeing more in the future.

More Praise for "Deep Doo-Doo"

Could not put it down
I just finished reading “Deep Doo-Doo,” a novel by Sheri Graves.I could not put it down. What a well written, thrilling tale she tells.
Ramona Crinella
Santa Rosa, California
Real Estate Business

A first-rate storyteller
A great read and a well-paced novel. Sheri Graves is a first-rate storyteller.
Richard Hunt
Scottsdale, Arizona
Business Owner

Entertaining, suspenseful, with memorable characters and vivid action!
The author weaves multiple plots into an entertaining mix that all comes together. Written with humor, memorable characters, action and suspense. I enjoyed learning how a newspaper reporter multi-tasks in today's world, technically different from my typewriter and pencil days but familiar in the interaction with fellow staffers and bosses.
Martin McReynolds
Santa Rosa, California
Former UPI Correspondent & Miami Herald Reporter

Loved this book!
A little humor, a little mystery, a little thriller: This book has it all! You won't want to put it down. The characters are well-developed, and the intertwining story lines are perfectly woven together. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end, and I think you will too. It has wide appeal and is a very fun read!
Arlene Miller
Petaluma, California
Teacher & Author
So exciting!
Fabulous, fast-moving novel. Nothing I read now will measure up to "Deep Doo-Doo!" So exciting!
Sally Withell
Methven, New Zealand
I recommend it
Great, fun book! I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading about adventure that involves attempted murder, kidnapping, vicious pit bulls and geese through the experiences of a newspaper reporter.
Bonnie Ballantine
Edmonds, Oklahoma
Retired Social Worker
Highly entertaining
Fun, fast moving and highly entertaining. Sheri Graves has created a memorable cast of characters and placed them in the real life setting of California Wine Country. Anyone familiar with Santa Rosa will enjoy the images of strange happenings on stately McDonald Avenue and geese running loose at Courthouse Square and the junior college campus. The characters may be made up but the location is painstakingly real – right down to the attitude of the people who live in the area.
Diane Morgan
Santa Rosa, California
Former Newspaper Reporter

A fast-moving story
A delightful read. Part comedy, part mystery thriller, part travelogue–all of it good. Sheri is an excellent journalist and writer. This is a fast-moving story that is difficult to put down. I am looking forward to the author's next novel.
Jo Ann Garlington
Portland, Oregon
Former Newspaper Reporter

Difficult to put down
As a fast paced thriller/mystery, this book is difficult to put down. As a former journalist myself, I easily related to the novel’s main character, general assignment reporter Carrie McClelland, who finds herself in over her head while filling in for a vacationing crime beat reporter. This novel provides a great plot as well as several engaging subplots. Highly recommended for everyone, especially to anyone who has ever lived in Santa Rosa or visited Sonoma wine country.
Mary Carroll
Westminster, Colorado
Graphic Artist & Photographer

Environmental issues
It was well written and fun to read. I especially like that it reflected environmental issues of Sonoma County, California, where Ireside and accurately describes facts about Santa Rosa, California, in the wine country. It is evident that much research went into the writing of this book.
Linda Harper
Santa Rosa, California
Registered nurse

Almost couldn’t put it down
I’m in Deep Doo-Doo! Loved it! I read it each night and almost couldn’t put it down. One more chapter … one more chapter. Brava! You make the family proud.
Tom Graves
San Francisco, California
Photographer & Author of “Twice Heroes”

Loved it!
Fast-paced and fun read. Loved it! Can't wait for another book by this author.
Linda K. Bogart
Santa Rosa, California
Registered Nurse

A great read!
Enjoyed it very much.Excellent writing.Will highly recommend.
Beth Napier
Charlotte, North Carolina
I couldn't put it down.
This writing in “Deep Doo-Doo” reminds me of Jim Butcher's “Dresden Files” series, which I couldn't put down. Nice job, sista. Sheri Graves
Christian Lane
Santa Rosa, California
Author & Computer Wiz

A witty mystery
Don't be fooled by squawking geese.This is not a farm tale! Author Sheri Graves snagged this reader with her witty mystery Deep Doo Doo. It was one of those novels that is truly hard to put down. It moves along quickly and made me wonder what could possibly happen next to reporter Carrie McClelland. I highly recommend this novel! In fact, it has proven to be my favorite read this summer.
Robin Moore
Santa Rosa, California